Pack 8 Cub Scouts

Pack 8 is a cub scout organization serving primarily the North Oaks and Shoreview area.  Cub scouts range from Kindergarten age through fifth grade.  We are charted by the North Oaks Homeowners Association (NOHA).

Our scheduling sets us a part of some other packs.  We do not typically conduct meetings or events during the week nights.   We also are "on the go" with our activities.

Rather than meeting in one area we are a Pack "on the move" for our activities.  Pack meets monthly and typically on week ends.  As we promote a range of activies for the boys we meet typically on Sunday afternoons or have events that begin after 4 pm on a saturday.   Some of our pack events include the following for the 2016/2017 school year:

  • Welcome back event in September which is  pot luck dinner with potential to also overnight camp for those wanting to camp out
  • Hiking at Tamarack Nature Center in October
  • Feed my starving children in November
  • Swim party with regatta races in December
  • Downhill Box racing at local snow hill in January (boys will be fashioning their own boxes over holidays off school)
  • Annual Blue and Gold Banquet for graduating cub scouts to boy scouts in February
  • The Ever Popular Pinewood Derby Races in March - boys build their cars for this
  • Emergency Preparedness Event in April
  • Cemetary Clean up Service project in May
  • Annual Pack gradutation pic nic and group camp in May.  This is the time when cub scouts advance to the next rank within Cub Scouts.

Other events we have set up in the past that we will likely repeat again in another year include:  rollar skating, vertical endeavors, Zero gravity, snow tubing at Elm Creek parkway, snow shoeing at Tamarak nature center.  Hiking/biking at various  trails in the area.

Den meets are typically also monthly.  Each den has a den leader who organizes the plans for the den and serves as liaison between den families and Pack.  The den typically puts together their calendar of events at the Welcome Back Pack meeting in September with each family hosting at least one event during the school year that covers achievements.  Dens typically meet on week ends - Sunday afternoons has been the preferred times but this is really up to the dens.


We are all about supporting day camp and overnight camping for the cubs.  Polar Camp is a day camp typically in January/February.  We have been attending Kiwannis Scout Camp in Wisconsin typically over a weekend in August each year.  There is also opportunity to camp out at the Welcome back pack event in September and the annual graduation in May.

Our Fundraising and Costs to Families

Our annual fund raiser is Launched in September.  We sell wreaths and popcorn.  This is the only event that generates revenue to fund our pack aside from pack dues.

Pack dues are $20/cub.  Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Dues are $24/cub.  Optional is Boy's Life Magazine subscription for $12.  These are annual dues payable in September when the pack "re-charters".

We raise money for "Friends of Scouting" in February.  This money goes to the District to cover expenses that support the pack and scouting in the back ground.

Other expenses to families include:  Some event expenses - den events and some pack event costs depending on the Pack budget which is directly determined by how well the wreath/popcorn sales fund raiser goes.  Unform costs - for a beginner cub - it is the family's responsibility to get a uniform.  Annual cub scout book expense.